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Why Learning in the Cloud?

The pace of business change is unrelenting. Pressure to compete in this fractured, fluid global economy increases every day. As corporations rise to these challenges, the learning & development function can play a more strategic role — empowering employees to perform at their peak,  and building stronger relationships with customers and partners.

But learning technology is changing as quickly as the business world. How can you stay a step ahead?

That’s why we created Expertus Learning in the Cloud. This online forum is designed as a source of  timely advice on everything related to modern business learning and its role in talent management and extended enterprise education.

From breakthroughs in LMS and performance support capabilities, to learning content strategy and learning measurement transformation, we demystify complex learning technology and offer practical ideas you can use now.

It’s all based nearly 20 years at the forefront of enterprise learning software innovation — and relationships with some of the brightest minds in the learning and development profession.

So, whether you seek perspectives on key training tech issues, trends, best practices or real-world case studies we hope you’ll follow Learning in the Cloud.

Visit us anytime. Or subscribe now for email alerts or RSS, so you’ll never miss a post.

We look forward to exchanging ideas – so contact us anytime with feedback, or to contribute insights of your own. Thanks!

From the team at Expertus – Where Learning Means Business

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