Top 6 Signs that Your Tech Company Has Outgrown Its LMS

By Gordon Johnson, Expertus

Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson,
VP Marketing,

Editor’s Note: While this blog was written for software and technology companies, much of its findings apply to learning organizations across all industries that are growing quickly with a customer/partner training focus.

As a training professional in a software or tech company, you know there’s a huge difference between what your training organization does and what’s done across other industries:

  • You’re heavily invested in customer and partner training—versus employees—and there’s a big difference!
  • You’re growing rapidly and it’s likely that your learning technology is struggling to keep up.

Your customers are also probably starting to complain about using your learning management system (it’s slow, has iffy eCommerce technology, is hard to navigate, etc.). Maybe some have even stopped buying your training altogether.

This is, by far, the biggest sign that you’ve outgrown your LMS. We’re regularly approached by software companies who have reached their LMS’ limits. And here are their most common complaints.

*Note*: If you’re experiencing more than two or three, it’s definitely time to look into upgrading to an enterprise-class learning management system.

Top 6 Signs Your Tech Company Has Outgrown Its LMS

How to know you've outgrown your LMS - watch the video

How to Know You’ve Outgrown Your LMS? Watch the Video

#6 Limited eCommerce
Since you probably use customer/partner training as a profit center, you must have the most advanced eCommerce system to make it easier for them to buy.

#5 Languages & Localization
You’re undoubtedly training people outside of the US; so you need to present training in their language and localized to their region—which improves their training experience and encourages more purchases.

#4 Too Much Administration
Initially, administration wasn’t an issue because you had a small learning audience. However, as you grew and user numbers scaled, LMS administration became more complex and time-consuming. So automating now is key!

#3 No LMS Support
Many “entry level” LMS providers are getting out of the business. So they might have stopped innovating for your product, or stopped supporting it entirely. You can’t succeed without support.

#2 The LMS Hurts Your Brand
Your brand is your lifeblood. So your LMS must reflect it, both in how it looks and functions. When learners take your training, they think they’re training on your software. So if your LMS is slow, or cumbersome, or ugly, it hurts your brand…and your sales.

#1 Learners Are Complaining or Not Buying
As mentioned earlier, this is the #1 telltale sign that you need a new LMS. If learners are complaining about the system being too slow, poor eCommerce, it’s hard to buy a class, no mobile training…then listen to them! It’s only a matter of time before they stop buying your training.

Your Turn
Are you experiencing many of the signs listed above? Any others that pushed you to upgrade your LMS? Please contact us directly or join our discussion below.

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