ExpertusONE LMS Admin Solutions: Dynamic Shareable Links

By Calvin Choi, Director, Sales Development, Expertus

Calvin Choi, Director, Sales Development, Expertus

Calvin Choi,
Director, Sales Development

Editor’s Note: In the first installment of our LMS Admin Solutions series we covered ways to end training calendaring frustrations. Here we’ll tackle another tedious task, updating endless, static deep links.

An emerging trend in learning is making training easier to find. Faster, quicker, intuitive access. We at Expertus call this “Bringing Learning to the Learner.” One way this was done in the past was the use of “deep links”—which allowed an LMS admin to put a link to a specific course or piece of content within a learner’s catalog.

While deep links initially made learning more convenient for learners, they created a host of problems. Once learning content was updated or deleted, any related deep links became dead or broken, frustrating learners. When new learning content (or LMS software) was available, admins had to find and update the related deep links, wasting admins’ time. And if the links weren’t updated quickly enough, learners would return to the admin asking for a link to the correct content, annoying everyone involved!

Looking to help both admins and learners out, we engineered a better solution for our ExpertusONE LMS.

Dynamic Shareable Links

Dynamic Shareable Content Links for Cloud LMS AdminRadically different than static deep links, ExpertusONE developed dynamic shareable links that make it immeasurably faster and easier to find training. That’s because instead of pointing to one fixed piece of content, the links point to a specified search criteria. So they’re always dynamically updating and changing to present the most relevant information to learners.

ExpertusONE’s dynamic shareable links also draw from each learner’s profile, using their designated groups, cloud tags, job roles, etc. to further tailor the link’s search results.

The Payoff for Admins

Dynamic shareable links give learners immediate access to just-in-time training—providing instant, relevant answers to small questions and cutting out the middle man (aka LMS admins). They also end the need to manage and maintain content links, saving admins hundreds, if not thousands, of works hours. They’re really a win-win for all!

Your Turn

Do you still manage deep links? What are some of the ways you’re working around them? And what impact would dynamic shareable links have on your workflow? Join our discussion below.

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to see ExpertusONE’s Dynamic Shareable Links in action, please request your demo here.

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