ExpertusONE LMS Admin Solutions: Global Training Calendar

By Calvin Choi, Inside Sales Manager, Expertus

Calvin Choi, Inside Sales Manager, Expertus

Calvin Choi,
Inside Sales Manager,

Editor’s Note: Welcome to a new Expertus blog series! Here we’ll cover common LMS admin challenges and unique and easy ways that the ExpertusONE LMS solves them. Up first is training calendar issues.

Ask any LMS admin and one of their biggest frustrations involves the training calendar. The way most systems are setup, an admin only sees one static in-line view. So they can’t aggregately see what they’re scheduling, much less what other admins are requesting.

Not only does this result in double-booked classrooms, instructors and events….

But it also means that precious, costly resources (training rooms/computers/instructors) are not fully optimized…

And many courses have to be reoffered because learners miss the first go-around.

The result is extra, repetitive, frustrating work for admins, and thousands upon thousands of dollars wasted for L&D organizations.

ExpertusONE has a better solution!

LMS training calendar admin feature of ExepertusONE

ExpertusONE streamlines and simplifies training scheduling by enabling admins to: use a convenient day, week or month calendar view; create classroom and virtual class events with just one click; and quickly see each day’s occupied locations and instructors. (click to enlarge image)

Global Training Calendar

Designed like Google Calendar, ExpertusONE’s fully modernized training calendar enables every admin from all of your company locations to view the same learning calendar in real-time. So they see to-the-minute availability for training resources (instructors, classrooms, seats, etc.)—which eliminates double-booking and other scheduling errors.

Admins can also filter their color-coded view by the day/week/month and highlight data of interest to quickly prioritize tasks and easily see what’s in queue—meaning they’ll be more effective. And they’ll also be more efficient since the training calendar has drag and drop scheduling (fewer clicks with no pop-ups) and exports to Excel for convenient reporting.

How L&D Cashes In

With the ability to see a global training calendar, your admins can quickly, and accurately, identify openings to boost overall training efficiency. Which leads to a tighter, more efficient training catalog. And translates into better resource management.

lms calendar admin featureThe bottom line… with a modern calendar system at your disposal, it will be easier to fill classes and make training more profitable.

Your Turn

What impact do you think a sophisticated training calendar would make for your admins and L&D organization? Share your thoughts below.

Editor’s Note: If you’d like to see ExpertusONE’s Global Training Calendar in action, please request your demo here.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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