ATD 2016 Insights: Video, Personalization & Other Top Learning Trends

ATD 2016 Insights (Part 3 of 3)

By Joy Church Millard, Sr. Editor, Expertus

Joy Church Millard, Expertus Learning in the Cloud Blog Writer

Joy Church Millard
Sr. Editor

Now that we’ve covered ATD 2016’s learning tech topics, let’s turn our attention to learning in general. With a purpose of “changing the world of workplace, learning and technology”, Elliot Masie had some great insights:

Personalization…The #1 opportunity for learning! If you want to understand how learners want to learn today, you must look outside the office. Take TV, for example.

There’s no longer just one show on at a set day/time (think Ed Sullivan). Instead, audiences pick what/when/where/how they watch—a completely personalized viewing experience. Yet at the office, they’re told to go to this room, at this time, to watch this type of learning, for X hours. No wonder they tune out!

If you want to amp your training’s effectiveness, Elliot suggests you:

Video…62% of all learning consumption. 
Modern personalized video learningAre you onboard? If you don’t embrace video learning now, your learners will find their own videos to learn from (hello YouTube!). Elliot also believes that learners will start creating a lot more video content. So your LMS should not only support their uploads, but track, monitor and control them too.

Machine Learning…aka Smart or Prescriptive Learning. Elliot estimates that we’ll need to reskill our workforce every 5-10 years. So we must get smarter in how we continually train them. His solution is prescriptive learning. Instead of using the LMS as a training dispenser/tracker, we should use them to learn about our users—and then use this data to shape and improve their learning experience.

Your Turn

Do you agree/disagree with Elliot’s predictions? Have you already implemented some of them and have other best practices to share? Please join the discussion below.

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ATD 2016 Conference LMS Technology

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