ATD 2016 Insights: What to Know Before Buying an LMS

ATD 2016 Insights (Part 2 of 3)

By Joy Church Millard, Sr. Editor, Expertus

Joy Church Millard, Expertus Learning in the Cloud Blog Writer

Joy Church Millard
Sr. Editor

If there’s one takeaway for me from ATD, it’s that people are not only fed up with their old LMSs, but they’re finally ready to move to a modern learning platform—within 3-6 months.

If you’re one of them, here’s some LMS search advice from ATD 2016 speaker, and preeminent eLearning guru, Craig Weiss.

Skip the RFP!

Craig suggests refining your RFP to a one-page RFI (Request for Information) “to avoid a vanilla response.”

First, get your “tech facts” together. Then…

  • Request a demo of these needs (with actual or dummy courses/users)
  • Do a sandbox trial

If everything’s kosher, do your RFI. You shouldn’t need 20 pages by then because you’ve already answered most of your questions and seen the platform performing in your own use case.

As for key things he says you should know before buying an LMS:

Ultimate RFP Template by Craig Weiss.

Interested in a streamlined LMS RFP template? Check out Craig Weiss’ here.

1. What’s the roadmap—Look 3+ years down the road. You want these “future features” in your LMS now, even if you don’t yet need them. “No one wants retrofit their system!”

2. How’s the support—Weiss says the #1 reason people abandon an LMS is vendor support. So inquire about their support response times, where their support offices are and talk to customers about their experiences.

3. How about updates—Are they continually updating their product? Make sure these “updates” aren’t just bug fixes. You want a system that’ll grow with you.

4. What about the must haves—Regardless of key needs, Weiss urges that your new LMS must have:

“People’s attention spans are too short today. They learn via video. Short videos. 2-5 minutes max.”

Your Turn

ATD 2016 Conference LMS TechnologyDid you recently purchase a new LMS? Do you have additional tips to add to Craig’s advice? Share your feedback below.

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Editor’s Note: Want a go-to resource for finding the best LMS for your organization? Start with our free LMS Buyer’s Kit, which includes LMS rankings, reviews, case studies and more.

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