Bringing Learning to Learners: 3 Ways a Cloud LMS Delivers

By Tina Shibue, Product Marketing Director, Expertus

Tina Shibue, Product Marketing Director, Expertus

Tina Shibue
Product Marketing Director

In today’s digital work world, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by the nonstop stream of incoming demands and distractions. On any given day, we juggle scores of passwords, hundreds of email and text messages, and multiple mobile and desktop applications — not to mention various operational business systems of record.

Yet when we need to get work done, we focus. And when we focus, we tend to stay in a very narrow lane. In fact, many of us spend most of our work time interacting with only one or two applications. (For example, Salesforce and Microsoft Outlook are the go-to apps for many account reps.)

But where does that leave the rest of the tools and platforms available to us? If they can help us work more productively, why do we mostly ignore them? Truth is, unless we believe it’s worth the extra effort, we rarely step outside of our routine.

The Lonely LMS

This is probably one of primary reasons why legacy LMS platforms are gathering dust. You can create great learning content. You can even develop great marketing plans to promote training programs. But if the learning experience is locked away in a cumbersome silo, no one is likely to cross its path.

It’s not that people don’t want to learn. But the question is, just how far do you expect them to go out of their way to find what you have to offer? In my mind, it’s a matter of convenience. Think of it this way…

The Convenience Factor

Let’s say it’s a steamy hot day and you suddenly have an urge for an icy cold Coke to quench your thirst. Do you jump in your car, drive to a supermarket, search for a shady parking spot, walk down every aisle looking for the refrigerated beverage section, pick out your Coke, and then stand in line to pay? Not if there’s a chilled can of Coke waiting for you in your refrigerator!

A traditional LMS can feel just as distant and imposing as a super-sized grocery store. Getting there can be a struggle. And once you’re inside, you’re faced with row-upon-row of irrelevant choices.

For legacy learning management systems, this problem is continuing to grow, as training content is transformed from lengthy, linear courses into bite-sized microlearning content. Legacy platforms are simply too bloated and hard to access. So people avoid them altogether.

Delivering Pinpoint Training at the Speed of Need

Bring Learning to Learners 640pxInstead, why not deliver relevant content wherever it’s needed, at the precise moment of need? Imagine slipping relevant content into a learner’s daily workflow. A few learning technology innovators are already making this happen. For example, with ExpertusONE LMS, learners can actively engage with learning content on their terms:

  • In business platforms they use continuously throughout the day
  • On websites and social media channels they frequently visit
  • In the mobile apps they prefer to use on-the-go
  • Through direct integration with other enterprise systems

It’s like having a fridge at arm’s length, always stocked with icy Coke whenever you feel thirsty!

Why Switch To a Modern LMS?

There are at least three solid business reasons to adopt a learning platform that works “in context,” side-by-side with learners:

Payoff 1:  When relevant training is easier to find and consume, your learning organization can avoid content development and delivery costs that would otherwise be wasted. This means more of your hard-earned training budget will be invested efficiently and effectively.

Payoff 2:  Strategically placed training leads to higher learning adoption and engagement — and a more capable workforce means better productivity and performance. This, in turn, leads to stronger customer satisfaction and loyalty, which should become visible through increased business revenues.

Payoff 3:  With training technology that empowers employees to serve themselves, you can nurture a culture of learning. Today’s workers want more than just an effective onboarding experience. They want to continually grow their knowledge and skills, so they can remain relevant throughout their professional lifecycle. Making it easy and convenient for employees to learn keeps them happy — and contributes to higher talent retention rates.

How Does an LMS Deliver “In Context” Learning?

There are multiple capabilities that work together in ExpertusONE to help bring learning to learners. For example, an intelligent “grouping” function proactively drives tailored content to learners. Also, integrated content ratings and sharing capabilities help learners recommend appropriate content to others. What’s more, its user interface works seamlessly on any device, and makes the learning experience simple for learners, as well as training developers and administrators.

See Learning Now -- See the ExpertusONE cloud LMS demo replay

See learning now — See ExpertusONE LMS in action

In addition, these key capabilities set the platform apart as a next-gen LMS:

  • Embeddable Widgets: Places the training catalog where learners spend the most time (such as websites, SharePoint sites, email, social media forums)
  • Full Salesforce Integration:  Provides full LMS access, content and training within the Salesforce UI
  • REST APIs: Creates direct, two-way integration between the LMS and other key enterprise systems (HRIS, CRM, SSO, ERP)
  • Mobile Design: Offers convenient, on-the-go training access via native apps with offline sync.

In future posts, we’ll explore each of these four capabilities in more detail, and share real-world examples of their business impact. We hope you’ll follow along!

Your Turn

Does your organization struggle to engage employees, customers or business partners with training in your LMS? How are you addressing this issue? Please share your comments below.

Editor’s Note: To see how a modern LMS can transform learning for your organization, visit our website, watch the ExpertusONE LMS web demo replay now, or contact us anytime to schedule a personalized demo.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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