Is It Time For a Vacation From LMS Complexity?

By Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, Expertus

Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, Expertus

Caleb Johnson,
Director of Strategic Accounts,

“A vacation is what you take when you can no longer take what you’ve been taking.”
-Earl Jones

Are you struggling with information overload? Then perhaps you’re considering an “unplugged” or “tech-free” vacation.

This latest tourism trend is rapidly gaining popularity. Essentially, people pay a lot of money to get away to a remote resort or locale designed for “digital detox” — totally free from wi-fi, cell service, and sometimes even landline connections.

But wait. What’s wrong with this scenario? Wasn’t the point of “always on” technology to make life simpler? The convenience of instant access to a world of knowledge — only a couple of clicks away? Or, as Bill Gates once predicted, the power of “information at your fingertips“?

Too Much of a Good Thing

We’re learning now that although technology should make our lives easier, constant access to a fire hose of unfiltered information makes our heads spin. But denying ourselves access to information altogether isn’t a sustainable solution. There must be a better way.

The pursuit of a smarter approach has inspired a movement our CEO calls “sophisticated simplicity.” The goal is to transform complex functionality and massive amounts of data into streamlined digital experiences that are easier and more elegant for users to understand, navigate, absorb and manage.

Human Factors and the Law of Attraction

Ease and simplicity of LMSApple, Google and Amazon were among the first tech companies to bring sophisticated simplicity to the masses, with web services based on heuristic design. (Heuristics is essentially the art and science of applied interaction design — knowing what your audience wants to achieve, and understanding how they behave, so you can proactively, predictively develop products that satisfy those expectations.)

Each of these pioneering organizations built web solutions driven by an enormous amount of dynamic data and complex feature sets. Yet customers find these services are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. The result? Great success and a loyal, engaged following.

Lessons for the LMS

So, how does this apply to enterprise learning?

Learning technology  — the LMS, in particular — is undergoing a renaissance. Learning organizations are transitioning to next-generation platforms after living too long with the unnecessary cost and frustration of traditional LMS platforms. With legacy systems, access is limited, information is hard to find, and a satisfying, personalized user experience is nonexistent.

No wonder employees, business leaders, and training administrators, alike, are abandoning old-school LMS software as quickly as possible. Overwhelmed by yesterday’s LMS issues, today’s networked organizations anxiously seek a learning management “detox.” And who can blame them for wanting to escape?

Less Is More

As organizations shift to next-generation learning management systems, they’re discovering that cloud technology and heuristic design principles can create an environment that is not only more efficient and effective at meeting organizational needs, but also fits easily into an individual’s daily workflow.

ExpertusONE Mobile App Demo

See sophisticated simplicity up close. Click to watch a brief demo of ExpertusONE LMS mobile app

For example, let’s look at the ExpertusONE cloud LMS. It includes a mobile app that provides anywhere, anytime access to core LMS functionality (even when a user is offline). It also proactively delivers relevant learning content and personalized information in real time (similar to “smart” capabilities that distinguish Google, Amazon and Apple).

What’s more, the LMS is accessible through any web browser. That means users can instantly log-in from virtually anywhere — an email message on a tablet or smartphone; a popular business application like SharePoint, LinkedIn or Salesforce; or directly through a workstation. Regardless, each user is automatically directed to a personalized “My Learning” start page featuring up-to-the-minute required and recommended learning activities, development planning tools, progress reports, relevant social forums, information resources (videos, docs, webinars), and more.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? That’s exactly the point! The easier it is to access, find and use the right information and support at the right time, the more your workforce will participate and actually learn. So, if your organization is overdue for a vacation from your LMS, maybe it’s time to investigate options that are more simply sophisticated.

What Is Your Definition of LMS Simplicity?

How would you make the learning experience easier for your company? What do you want in a next-generation LMS? Share your ideas in the comments area below.

Note from Caleb: To see how a cloud-based platform like the ExpertusONE LMS can transform learning for your extended enterprise, learn more at our website or feel free to contact us anytime for a personalized consultation and demo.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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