13 thoughts on “Great Expectations: The Rise of Mobile Learning

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  12. Hi Caleb – I like your blending between Jason Fried’s thoughts about getting things done (in a mobile world), and your own thoughts on Learning and Training. Nicely expressed. I do wonder, however, whether you couldn’t extend the logic one step further.

    Yes, the stickiness of mobile is very much to do with context
    Yes, that should absolutely be connected with learning

    But how about if the learning itself extended beyond the traditional. Beyond calendar invites to formal, f2f sessions. True contextual learning can happen at the moment of need, via performance support tools, or social connections with others who can hep in your moment of need.

    We are seeing lots of this type of mobile learning. Normally as a complement to traditional training, but in some cases as a replacement too.

    Geoff Stead
    Head of Mobile Learning


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