LMS Survey: What’s On Your Radar?

When you imagine an ideal LMS, what do you see? No, really.

By Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson,
VP Marketing,

(Editor’s Note 12/11/13: The LMS survey mentioned in this post is no longer accepting responses. However, nearly 400 learning professionals participated, and we’ve prepared a free report. Click here to download your copy now. Thanks!)

When you hear the term “learning management system” how do you respond? Do you instinctively want to roll your eyes or groan in frustration? If so, you’re not alone.

Those of us who’ve been part of the learning community for several decades really aren’t surprised by these reactions. For example, in her recent article, “What Type of LMS Hater Are You?”, Bersin by Deloitte Senior Analyst, Janet Clarey, does a fantastic job of describing familiar “LMS basher” profiles:

“The Uninformed”
“The Curmudgeon”
“The Everything-Is-Social (Media) Advocate”
“The Everything-Should-Be-Free Advocate”
“The L&D Hater”
“The Acronym Assassin”

Janet’s descriptions are amusing — but unfortunately for training professionals, there’s some serious truth behind those labels. In fact, on this blog, of nearly 400 visitors who responded to our brief “What’s On Your LMS Wish List?” poll, only 1% said they’re satisfied with their current LMS.

Imagining a perfect LMS up closeWe get that. We’ve seen the issues up-close for more than 15 years. It’s been our mission to help learning organizations overcome those issues, so they can make the most of whatever technologies they choose, from whatever vendors they prefer. And frankly, that mission has been challenging, as our CEO explained when he outlined the learner-centered philosophy driving development of our ExpertusONE cloud LMS platform.

Fortunately, we like challenges. That’s one reason why we’re always looking ahead — envisioning what’s on the corporate learning horizon. However, we don’t innovate in isolation. We’d rather look to the marketplace for ideas and inspiration. After all, technology advances don’t add value if they don’t fit real-world needs. It’s vital to gather ongoing input from customers, business partners and others in the learning community. That’s why we regularly reach out with surveys and opinion polls.

What Do You Think? Next-Wave Insights

This June, we prepared a 16-question survey to discover what learning professionals want most in a next-generation LMS. More than 400 people responded — and we’re putting those answers to good use! We won’t keep the insights to ourselves. Instead, we’ll publish collective feedback in a full summary analysis.

Why do we bother? As you may know, this isn’t our first research rodeo. Since 2006, we’ve sponsored 12 full-scale surveys and Learning Executive Think Tank reports. We’ve examined a variety of topics, such as:

However, that’s old news. In recent years the workplace has changed dramatically, and corporate learning is no exception. The rise of social, collaborative and mobile technologies is creating tremendous opportunities for learning innovation, and we want to focus on what’s needed most to help organizations elevate workforce performance.

Looking At The Horizon Together

State of LMS 2013 Survey Report: What buyers want and how their current LMS stacks up

Download the 2013 LMS survey report now

The June survey analysis is now available. We invite you to download a free copy, so you can spot trends and benchmark your opinions with peers.

As we’ve said in the past, our rationale is simple. We believe that listening is important. We’d rather create LMS technology that fits your needs than force you to accept our worldview. And we think that a spirit of open, collaborative dialogue will raise the bar for learning platforms everywhere.

Hopefully with your input, our community can soon say goodbye to the era of “LMS Haters,” and look forward to a much more effective, satisfying enterprise learning experience for all.

Topline Analysis

For a brief interpretation of the final 2013 “Current + Future State of the LMS” survey, read my post: “New LMS Survey Results: Is Learning Technology On Target?”

Note from Gordon: To learn how your organization can benefit today from next-generation learning with the ExpertusONE cloud LMS, take a 30-minute test drive now. Or contact us for a personalized demo.

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