LMS Wish List – Coming Full Circle in 2013

Updated Poll Results Underscore Key Issues & Opportunities

By Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson,
VP Marketing,

As we roll into 2013, the business world is abuzz with predictions – and the learning and talent management industry is no exception. But yesterday, rising through the noise of New Year’s trend analysis, I heard an inspiring voice from a professional at a leading energy company.

Quoted in the newly published Bersin by Deloitte report, Predictions for 2013: Corporate Talent, Leadership and HR, this innovation advisor underscored the reality faced by corporations everywhere:

“In today’s economy there is no way anybody can be an expert in a substantial part of their total field.
The modern ‘renaissance man’ is one who understands how to learn.”

As Bersin’s analysis indicates, the implications are clear. Business conditions are rapidly moving talent management and development toward a far more strategic role in the enterprise. This is great news for those of us who are dedicated to supporting the learning function. But significant challenges lie ahead.

We need better ways to empower these ‘renaissance’ organizational contributors in their learning endeavors. We must become more vigilant about removing structural, procedural and technological barriers. And we must focus deeply on facilitating the learning experience – whenever, wherever and however it’s needed to elevate job performance.

How can LMS platform vendors help? Here’s one way…

Listen to the Learning Community Early and Often

The Current & Future State of the Learning Management System - Expertus Survey Results

Click to download the 2010 LMS Survey Report

Throughout the years, we’ve regularly asked L&D professionals to offer their ideas on key issues, best practices and technology preferences. This open dialog is essential in shaping our product roadmap to ensure a good fit with market needs and expectations. Rather than keeping the conversation “under wraps,” we prefer to be transparent – so we can gather the broadest, most diverse cross-section of opinions.

For example, late in 2010, we partnered with TrainingIndustry.com to conduct an industry survey about LMS preferences. We gathered opinions from nearly 150 learning professionals, and we published key findings in a report called “The Current and Future State of Learning Management Systems.”

Then last January, when we launched this blog, it seemed wise to check-in again and see if LMS expectations shifted during the previous year. That’s when we re-framed a critical question from the 2010 survey as a simple one-question poll: “What’s On Your LMS Wish List?”

We Hear You, Loud and Clear

During the past year, 398 “Learning in the Cloud” blog readers replied to that informal poll. In June, we offered a mid-year snapshot of the results, comparing 3 key points with the 2010 survey results. Interestingly, sentiment about these 3 key issues have been highly consistent across multiple years, multiple audiences and multiple survey mechanisms:

  • LMS wish list results, "What features are essential for your future LMS?"LMS satisfaction remains extremely low (only 1% of our poll respondents, even lower than in 2010)
  • Personalized learning experiences are desired above all else (18% of respondents)
  • Stronger analytics and integration with other systems are both essential to a “complete” platform (14% & 13%, respectively)

Clearly, a significant gap still remains between the perception of today’s LMS platforms and the ideal that most learning professionals envision. We believe this reflects the desire to re-engineer LMS platforms altogether, from a learner’s perspective.

It’s easy to say that an LMS is user-centered. But if the “user” is a learning administrator, then learners will not be served well. It’s entirely different to develop an LMS platform from concept to delivery, with learner needs, behaviors and input as its guiding inspiration. That’s one of the reasons we gather opinions from this blog. It’s just one of many “reality checks” to help us determine priorities.

What’s Your Opinion?

LMS Wish List input is importantIf you haven’t yet voted in the “LMS Wish List” poll, please do. Or feel free to share comments below. We’ll continue to review all input, look for patterns, and report additional findings.

As we said last January, our rationale is simple. We believe that listening is important. We’d rather create LMS technology that fits your needs than force you to accept our worldview. And ultimately, we hope that a spirit of open, collaborative dialogue will lead to stronger learning solutions for all of us in the business of talent management and development.

Here’s to even better learning in the years ahead!

Note from Gordon: To learn how your organization can benefit today from continuous learning through ExpertusONE, take a 30-minute test drive right now. Or, feel free to contact us for a personalized demo.

Image Credit: Pixabay

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