Super-Charging Your Sales Team’s Performance

Make a difference by delivering the right training and information – at the right time

By Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, Expertus

Caleb Johnson, Director of Strategic Accounts, Expertus

Caleb Johnson,
Director of Strategic Accounts,

In today’s tight economy, pressure in the marketplace is stronger than ever and hitting from many directions – turbulent business cycles, fewer buyers, decreased spending power, increased competition and dwindling returns. To succeed, you need a smarter, faster sales team – a team that’s armed with just-in-time knowledge, training and market insight that provides a real competitive edge.

Leveraging the expertise of your top performers has become a business imperative. So how do you deliver the critical information your sales force needs, precisely when it’s needed? It starts with next-generation cloud learning platforms that integrate seamlessly with your existing infrastructure (such as to deliver high-impact sales training, information access and knowledge sharing, precisely at the moment of need.

Tip #1 – Shift informal learning into high gear
Fact: Today, only 20% of learning is packaged in formal training courses. That means the lion’s share of your team’s expertise is gained through informal learning – for example, reading articles, sharing “war” stories with mentors and peers, sharing online video and audio how-tos, exchanging unstructured email and text messages to seek advice and support, or using Google and other search engines to find market news, competitive information, and other intelligence.

It’s what your salespeople must constantly do “outside of the LMS box” to learn what traditional classroom training can’t teach them. But now, there’s a better way.

Girl using cloud-based learning management platform on computerA cloud-based dynamic learning platform is a breakthrough, because it’s a more flexible, efficient way to support formal classroom training and e-learning. But more importantly, a dynamic cloud LMS extends your learning environment to incorporate and all the relevant, valuable informal learning content and channels in a single unified, dynamic interface.

Tip #2 – Optimize time-to-competency for new hires
With everything your sales team needs to learn available under one web “roof,” you can speed on-boarding and time-to-proficiency, and reduce the time your salespeople spend in classrooms. And consider this – a portion of most new-hire curricula focuses on topics that simply aren’t necessary for sales professionals to absorb immediately (for example, general corporate information and methodologies).

Imagine how much more quickly new sales employees could be productive if onboarding focused first on necessary sales skills and information – followed in subsequent weeks and months by non-critical training and information? A dynamic cloud LMS can make it easy to automate custom learning paths for all new sales employees.

ExpertusONE LMS for Salesforce Demo

See the on-demand demo now — ExpertusONE LMS for Salesforce

Tip #3 – Keep the best sales guidance top-of-mind
Let’s face it – your sales organization’s most valuable knowledge can’t be found in the training department. It’s actually walking around with your team in the field. Smart new sales reps love spending time with experienced colleagues – listening to their stories and advice. This is truly the most valuable training your business can provide. Mentor guidance can shorten your team’s learning curve help avoid costly pitfalls.

Just imagine if this advice was always at your team’s fingertips – including sales call planning tips, follow-up strategies, talking points, differentiators and buyer insights? A dynamic cloud LMS provides a centralized, collaborative forum for on-demand learning and interaction. So your sales force can finally get the info and know-how they need, when they need it, in portions that are easy to digest and understand. And in sales, that’s the key to success!

Are you ready to facilitate and optimize sales knowledge sharing? Ready to make sales training more useful and valuable? Ready to leverage the collective expertise of your senior team members to address the demands of today’s complex marketplace? Your best bet is to add a dynamic cloud LMS to your arsenal that leverages the power of Salesforce sales automation. Don’t be surprised if your sales team rewards you with dramatic performance improvement.

Note from Caleb: Are you facing challenges with sales performance? Need advice about how next-gen learning programs can make a lasting difference for your business? Read about our cloud LMS, designed specifically for sales enablement, watch the online demo now, or contact us anytime to discuss your needs and see a personalized demo.

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