What’s On Your LMS Wish List?

By Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

News flash – 2012 is ushering in a new era for workplace learning and knowledge sharing.

Gordon Johnson, VP Marketing, Expertus

Gordon Johnson,
VP Marketing,

Does that sound like hype? Actually, not so much, if you’ve dug through the mountain of 2011 year-in-review assessments and 2012 predictions. An impressive collection of surveys and analyses focus on the intersection of talent management and digital innovation – where a fusion between corporate learning and the “social enterprise” is shifting into full throttle.

Industry insiders may differ on details, but they generally agree on the big picture. And as a cloud learning platform developer, we share their vision. But we want to take a closer look.

As the year unfolds, we’ll be checking the pulse of those who matter most in this so-called transformation – frontline HR and learning professionals. Is that you? Then we’d like to pick your brain.

We believe technology is great – but only when it makes a difference for your business. So we’d like your opinion about the capabilities that you feel would be most valuable in a learning management system (LMS). Please tell us … WHAT’S ON YOUR LMS WISH LIST?

This isn’t a one-shot question – it’s an open channel. We’ll discuss early responses in an upcoming post – and then continue to gather feedback over time, to see how preferences shift. Think of it as a sanity check that we’ll overlay on industry research – to uncover gaps and inform our own product strategy.

LMS wish list features check boxWhy are we doing this? Simple. Listening is important. We’d rather create LMS technology that fits your needs than force you to accept our worldview.

You can enter as many choices as you like. So go ahead. Speak up. And if you’d like to leave detailed comments below, don’t be shy.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Here’s to a productive New Year – from all of us at Expertus.

Note from Gordon: To learn about how your business can benefit today from the ExpertusONE cloud LMS, or do see a personalized demo of this next-generation learning management system, visit our website or feel free to contact us for a personalized consultation and demo.

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