Baker Hughes – Compliance Training in Hard-to-Reach Places

Guest post by Francesco Turchetti, Director Talent Management, Baker Hughes

Compliance is critical in the energy sector. At Baker Hughes, our compliance challenges were compounded by our 34,000+ employees, spread across a global organization with multiple business units.

Global training solutionsThe key to our compliance success was to develop a training solution that offered the required employee training while supporting our growing, global workforce. Our learning organization partnered with Expertus to develop a centralized shared-service model that solved a multitude of learning administration issues, such as logistics, training support and report management.

Logistics management for 16 hard-to-reach countries was essential for us. So the team established key contacts in all 16 countries and delivered training via CD to employees who were in remote areas with limited Internet connectivity.

Centralized Support
In order to support our various business units worldwide, the team developed processes flexible enough to adapt to each unit’s unique needs and a 24×7 support team infrastructure to make the training transition as smooth as possible.

Streamlining learning compliance practices case study with Baker Hughes and Expertus

Get the Baker Hughes case study

Report Management
We gained key insights for compliance decision making because the team developed reports, dashboards and charts that made it simple for country managers to track compliance and push non-compliant employees to complete their training.


Within 60 days, we increased our compliance from 32% to a record 99.8 %. And while this initiative was not focused on reducing costs, learning administration costs were reduced by more than 40%.

We now have a cost-effective learning umbrella designed to cover the unique needs of our enterprise and our employees, while meeting the industry’s strict compliance guidelines.

Franchesco Turchetti, Director Talent Mgmt, Baker Hughes

Franchesco Turchetti, Dir Talent Mgmt, Baker Hughes


To learn more about the training outsourcing & reporting solution Expertus spearheaded for Baker Hughes, download the case study now: Baker Hughes Taps Expertus to Streamline Learning Practices.

Note from Expertus: Thanks to our guest author, Francesco Turchetti, Director Talent Management, Baker Hughes. Do you have other questions about this topic? Or do you have a real-world enterprise learning story to share? Contact Expertus anytime at

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