New Tools That Keep Your Learners On Track

How dynamic learning paths and other innovative tools keep employees inspired, focused and ready to perform

By Craig Maurer, Learning Systems Consultant, Expertus

Craig Maurer, Learning Systems Consultant, Expertus

Craig Maurer,
Learning Systems Consultant,

According to IDC, the average worker spends 12.5 hours each week searching for information. That’s 30% of their time. Put differently, for every 1000 employees, it costs an estimated $480,000 each week!

But it’s easier than you may think to win back that lost time. New technologies make it possible to simplify the search for answers, proactively monitor development progress, and guide job performance. I’d like to quickly introduce these tools – which are surprisingly easy-to-implement and can substantially improve your company’s training compliance, time-to-competency and productivity.

Tip #1 – Bridge Your Learning and Performance Gap
Let’s face it – managing unique training paths for an enterprise learning community can be a complex, costly and time-consuming task. Traditional LMSs are limited in functionality. Data sources are growing exponentially. And the need to accommodate new informal and social content is essential when fast-tracking learner competency.

That’s why you should consider adopting a dynamic learning platform. This next-generation technology makes it possible to provide a highly responsive, unified, global learning ecosystem that bridges the gap between training and performance.

Dynamic learning platforms seamlessly integrate formal, informal and social learning within a single, web portal user interface. So now your learners can stop wasting their time – and your money – by quickly and easily finding the business-critical information and training they need to perform effectively.

Tip #2 – Motivate Learners with Dynamic Roadmaps
Have you heard of dynamic learning paths? With each login, learners always have instant access to a visual, personalized development roadmap featuring required, recommended and optional training courses and content.

LMS tools keep learners on the right track Dynamic learning paths assign training based on an unlimited set of user attributes such as roles, skill level, assessments, performance, experience, product line. This means employees can quickly follow each step they take toward competency. And by understanding exactly where they are in their learning path, they can easily take a more active role in managing their learning – which in turn speeds time to compliance.

These personalized learning roadmaps also help employees compare their training achievements to requirements for other jobs in the organization, so they can take a more active role in directing their career development. Plus, when used in conjunction with a dynamic learning platform like ExpertusONE, employees have convenient, consolidated access to other informal and social learning assets, such as product manuals, FAQs, expert networks, best practice forums, blogs, test engines and video servers.

Tip #3 – Simplify Your Organization’s Search for Answers
When your employees have questions, they want answers fast. It might require only a quick glance at a reference diagram, or review of a specific lesson-learned video, or guidance from a best-practice checklist. But they don’t have the time – or desire – to navigate through a full 60-minute eLearning course.

Semantic search tools for LMSSemantic and federated search tools integrate all of your learning and information resources, and enable users to pinpoint and access desired content within seconds.

Semantic search provides more highly relevant results than web 2.0 search technology. That’s because it considers the context surrounding a search – a specific situation, or business scenario, or search goal criteria. And federated search provides comprehensive, all-inclusive search results from multiple systems and databases, within a single interface. Used in tandem with dynamic learning paths, these advanced search tools can inform and educate employees faster than ever.

So why wait? Isn’t it time your employees search less and learn more? You can keep them engaged, focused and ready to perform with these exciting, innovative technologies.

Note from Kathleen: If you’d like to talk about how you can integrate these tools into your environment, I’m happy to help. Contact me anytime by email at:

Image Credit: Pixabay

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